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Engineer - Researcher - Thinker

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About me


Hello! I'm David Fischer, a software engineer, and allround solution finder. I studied at the University of Applied Sciences Kempten (Germany) and graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science. Deep learning, game engineering, and data science are my passions. I'm currently working at the University of Applied Sciences Kempten in the field of AI and Machine Learning. Besides my work in the office chair, I'm also interested in building connections between people.

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What i do

Front End Developer


For my research and in my spare time, I love to dive into bleeding edge technologies. It is a truely amazing time we live in, and new opportunities lay around each corner. That is why I am always curious about the newest technology. Applying ideas into new settings in an academic way never fails to amaze me.

Back End Developer

Software Development

Finding solutions to problems and realizing them is a passion of mine. I love to wrap my head around difficult tasks, then coming up with a way to solve them. Planning the schedule, designing the architecture and implementing the very most bottom classes is what I like to do and where my skillset really shines.



Wether it's a complicated problem, or a matter of design. I always like to put new perspectives on a task at hand. My skills include 3D Art, photoshop, as well as music composition. Whatever the problem might be, my skillset is surely prepared for the task. Head to "" for practical examples of my work.

My recent Works


Here are a few projects I've worked on. Make sure to check out my GitHub and npm for more projects and open source contributions.

serious game for treating agoraphobia

VR Serious Game

computer vision and deep learning

Master thesis

fractal music composition

Bachelor thesis

lens effects in vulkan raytracing

Lens effects for realtime ray tracing

Art Portfolio

JWT JWKS Package

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